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Ergonomics Consulting

AEI Ergonomics Consulting services include job hazard analysis, risk assessment and the development of an Ergonomics Program.  All services are performed by Certified Professional Ergonomists, and are designed to conform to OSHA and NIOSH guidelines.

AEI can provide expertise to help address ergonomically-related workplace issues and develop real solutions that result in measurable return on investment.

  • Biometric Testing (Heart Rate, Metabolic Rate, Muscle Fatigue, Body Temperature)

  • Work Intensity Analysis (Ergo Committee, Train the Supervisor, General Awareness)

  • Training

  • Industrial Assessments

  • Office Assessments

  • Physical Demands Analysis

  • Job Rotation

  • Manual Material Handling

  • Engineering and Design

  • Ergonomic Audits

  • Medical Management

  • Expert Witness

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